Cena szkolenia: 950 zł brutto

Participant data

with each additional participant, the cost of the training changes.

Company data

Bank account number

93 1140 2075 0000 4804 3000 1001

The condition of participation is sending the application and making payment within 7 days and before the training on the Bruk-Bet Solar account.

After receiving the application form, we will send you confirmation of participation in the training. You will receive the VAT invoice after completing the training. If the application is withdrawn later than 7 days before the training, the participant will be charged at a cost of 50% of the order value. The cancellation of the application must be made in writing. It is possible to report the participant’s replacement to another person. The organizer reserves the right to cancel training and change of experts for reasons beyond the control of the organizer. Absence of participant at the training without prior information, results in charging the full participation costs. Absence of the training does not exempt from payment.



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