Standard Power

The Standard Power series has been extended with 72-cell polycrystalline panels, using a white electroinsulating film in a silver frame. The full black version is also available, i.e. black
laminates in a black frame, thanks to which PV panels can become a design element to the building shell. The power of panels from the Standard series ranges from 320 to 340W, and they achieve the efficiency above 17.49%. The cells used for the production of Standard modules are equipped with five 5 BB conductive paths, made with the use of PERC technology. 

All our products are made using three types of electroinsulating film: white, black and transparent one. Each of them is extremely resistant to weather conditions and is characterized by fire rating class. As a manufacturer of premium modules, we offer PV panels with two variants of connection sockets – standard and with optimization. Choosing a socket with optimization, we are sure that the panels will provide maximum power in all operating conditions.