Monocrystalline panel with power of 310WP

Monocrystalline panels from the Prestige series, with the power of 310Wp, feature high efficiency at the level of 19.05%. The cells used for the production of Prestige panels are equipped with five 5 BB conductive paths, made with the use of PERC technology. The construction of panels from the Prestige series is based on a proven and robust structure, which has been subjected to rigorous stress tests. Reliability and durability of these modules is confirmed by the certificate on the maximum permissible snow load up to 8000 Pa. Modules from the Prestige series are also resistant to salt water and ammonia.

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Maximum load
Years of warranty
Frame thickness



1640 x 992 x 40 mm
18,10 kg
Temperature coefficient of intensity (TcI):
0,027 %/C
Temperature coefficient of voltage (TcV):
-0,29 %/C
Temperature coefficient of power (TcP):
-0,40 %/C
NOCT(800 W/m2, 20°C, AM 1.5, 1m/s):
42±2 °C


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We define the quality

Our photovoltaic modules are the guarantee of proven quality, reliable operation and long service life. In addition to the standard 25-year power warranty, we also offer the 12-year warranty for the electrical components of our products, thus we ensure that we sell robust and reliable solar modules.

25 years of linear power warranty

12-year product warranty

The warranty of positive power tolerance

We define reliability

Our photovoltaic modules are made of the highest quality components, while maintaining strict quality standards. As one of the few factories in Poland, we offer our modules with cells with four conductive beams, which deliver higher efficiency than modules with standard, three conductive beams.

Coating with higher absorption

Four conductive beams

High-quality components