Bruk-Bet Solar with Polish Embassy at the PV trade fair in Morocco

Bruk-Bet Solar, leading Polish PV manufacturer has been exhibiting their outstanding PV modules at the Maroc Solaire photovoltaic industry fair in Casablanca on 27,28 February and 1 March this year. The Tarnow based company to took part in the event at the invitation of Polish Embassy in Rabat. Bruk-Bet Solar was the only Polish company […]


Bruk-Bet Solar is expanding its portfolio with two new certificates

It is well known that there is huge competition in the photovoltaic industry. It is particularly evident from the Chinese producers, who are putting European manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in a very difficult position by practicing price dumping. However, Europe is not completely defenceless against Asian PV competitors. Quality is an area where European PV […]


Bruk-Bet Solar increased its production capacity fourfold

Bruk-Bet Solar, a Polish producer of photovoltaic modules, has increased its production capacity four times in its production plant in Tarnów, from 30 MW to 120 MW per year. By investing in a new production line, Bruk-Bet Solar is gradually increasing its expansion in Poland and Europe. At the end of 2016, Bruk-Bet Solar, a […]