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Modules for each PV installation

Taking into account technical conditions and market needs, we have prepared a wide range of polycrystalline, monocrystalline and BIPV panels. By choosing our modules, you opt for Polish products that meet international quality standards with the 25-year power guarantee. Our offer includes standard 60- and 72-cell modules as well as modules with 66 PV cells.


Our photovoltaic panels are suitable for microinstallations as well as for small- and large-area projects. We are well trusted by many customers, both representatives of local governments, as well as entrepreneurs and individual clients. On the project map, we show only some places of our PV installations. Take advantage of our offer and let the solar farm also appear in your location!

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rama panel fotowoltaiczny
bruk bet solar - producent paneli


15uM anodization

bruk bet solar - producent paneli


3.2mm thickness

folia panel sloneczny
bruk bet solar - producent paneli


PID Free

panel sloneczny
bruk bet solar - producent paneli


Technology: PERC

folia system fotowoltaiczny
bruk bet solar - producent paneli


PID Free

podstawa system fotowoltaiczny
bruk bet solar - producent paneli


Increased resistance to UV radiation

Design of
photovoltaic module

This is how the design of a photovoltaic module looks like. In Bruk-Bet Solar, we focus on the top-quality components, which form our products. Each component is selected in accordance with strict quality standards.

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Bruk-Bet Solar

Bruk-Bet® Solar is part of BRUK-BET, which operates in the construction industry for over 35 years. As the market leader, we continually set innovative standards that allow us to increase the quality of life of our customers. An obvious step in the strategy of the Bruk-Bet® group is focusing activities in the renewable energy sector that contribute to improving the energy efficiency of public facilities and households, while reducing the exploitation of fossil fuels. In 2011, we launched a modern solar panel factory in Tarnów.

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Wide range of PV modules

Bruk-Bet Solar offers a wide range of multicrystalline, monocrystalline and BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) panels, which are produced with standard cells and cells made with use of the innovative PERC technology, which improves the product's efficiency. We systematically increase the efficiency of modules and the mechanical and thermal resistance in order to ensure high outputs of the photovoltaic system for decades.

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Top-quality photovoltaics

Our photovoltaic solutions, supported by numerous certificates of leading research centers, are successfully used in residential and large-area installations, as well as in those integrated with buildings. Our photovoltaic modules are the guarantee of proven quality, reliable operation and long service life. In addition to the standard 25-year power guarantee, we also offer the 12-year warranty for the electrical components of our products, thus we ensure that we sell robust and reliable PV panels.

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